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BlueData Grows Big Data Partner Ecosystem

Thirteen Technology Leaders Join Forces with BlueData to Simplify On-Premises Deployments and Meet Increasing Business Demand for Data Driven Decisions

Mountain View, Calif.BlueData, the pioneer in Big Data private clouds, today announced rapid growth of its Big Data partner ecosystem, a group comprised of highly influential technology companies spanning infrastructure, Big Data distributions, ETL/BI applications and system integrators to accelerate the adoption of Big Data Private Cloud on-premises. The thirteen partner companies include infrastructure partner Cisco and Intel; distribution partners Cloudera, Databricks, Hortonworks, and MapR; system integration partners MetaScale and Zaloni; technology partners Big Switch and RedHat; and application partners Informatica, Platfora, and Trifacta. Building this comprehensive partner ecosystem furthers the BlueData mission to democratize Big Data, making it easy and cost-effective for enterprises of all sizes to deploy a self-service, private cloud on-premises.

The strength of the BlueData solution is not only complemented, but validated, by the numerous alliances with prestigious industry players that recognize the value of the EPICTM platform in simplifying private cloud infrastructure and eliminating complexity as a barrier to adoption. BlueData’s EPIC platform brings the advantages of the cloud – elasticity, flexibility and ease of deployment – to on-premises infrastructure for Big Data deployments.

In a recent survey conducted by Intel, 82 percent of CIOs agreed that Big Data solutions would significantly improve business. However, only five percent have actually deployed the technology. These organizations are slowed by prohibitive costs and lengthy and complex implementations. Enterprises whose core business is not technology are hit particularly hard. These companies require a more flexible, cost-effective approach that is not reliant on large engineering staffs or big budgets. BlueData bridges that gap with its EPIC platform.

“Infrastructure complexity is a real problem that is slowing down Big Data success,” said John Myers, senior analyst of Business Intelligence (BI) at Enterprise Management Associates – a Boulder, CO based industry analysis firm. “BlueData offers a compelling solution to that problem with the ability to deliver public-cloud-like consumption models on-premises. The company’s ability to build this broad set of partnerships with the most significant players in the Big Data and larger computing industry is an endorsement that the problem is real and that BlueData offers a compelling solution to help enterprises harness the power of Big Data in the cloud.”

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“BlueData is making Big Data accessible to companies of all sizes, allowing them to create flexible and scalable on-premise production and test environments where people can work with, and experiment with, a variety of Big Data applications. This tremendous value has quickly attracted an all-star line-up of partners,” said Kumar Sreekanti, co-founder and CEO of BlueData. “We look forward to adding many more best-in-class applications and technologies to our partner ecosystem.”

BlueData EPIC Enterprise Platform

EPIC is a software platform that organizations deploy on commodity hardware to create a Big Data private cloud. IT can deliver Big Data as a high-performing on-premise service, while provisioning, managing and administering Big Data infrastructure through a role-based web portal, which transforms the consumption experience. The BlueData EPIC platform allows enterprises of all sizes to build agile, secure and cost-effective Big Data deployments that deliver value in days instead of months and at a cost savings of 50 percent to 75 percent compared with traditional approaches. BlueData’s EPIC platform works with any storage, any server and can run any Big Data application. The EPIC platform incorporates many patent-pending technologies.

Partner Quotes

Infrastructure Partners

BlueData partners with infrastructure companies to create a computing solution for customers that want to quickly and easily implement Big Data projects.


“Our research shows that 82 percent of CIOs believe Big Data platforms promise significant business value, while only five percent said they deployed the technology. This gap leaves plenty of room for growth,” said Doug Fisher, vice president and general manager of Intel Software and Services Group. “We believe that BlueData offers a Big Data infrastructure platform with differentiating data virtualization capability to bridge that gap and help proliferate Big Data adoption within enterprises.”

Technology Partners

BlueData partners with technology companies to ensure standards such as SDN and other open source solutions can be incorporated into their Big Data environments.

Big Switch Networks

“Our partnership with BlueData provides a modern solution for analytics built with Big Switch’s SDN based Big Cloud Fabric and BlueData’s EPIC platform,” said Prashant Gandhi, vice president of products and strategy, Big Switch Networks. “Customers are looking to build secure, multi-tenant and scale-out pods for big data analytics. Together we are bringing software innovations on industry-standard bare-metal hardware to deliver unprecedented operational velocity and dramatically lower cost points compared to traditional proprietary approaches.”


“We’ve worked closely with BlueData since its inception, as we believe our combined infrastructure innovations can help transform the Big Data marketplace,” Mike Werner, senior director of global technology ecosystems, Red Hat. “BlueData EPIC, working with Red Hat infrastructure technologies, is set to evolve the Big Data consumption experience and allow enterprises the opportunity to realize the value of Big Data more quickly.”

Distribution Partners

BlueData distribution companies to ensure that companies can get deploy their Big Data applications faster and easier than ever.


“Spark offers tremendous flexibility and performance for Big Data developers, so one of our primary focus areas is to simplify the adoption process as much as possible,” said Ion Stoica, CEO of Databricks. “BlueData helps us deliver this by providing a streamlined self-service experience for enterprise private clouds. We’re thrilled that BlueData has not only made Spark a core part of its offering, but has also chosen to certify its distribution. Both are a testament to the importance of the Spark ecosystem.”


BlueData makes Hadoop adoption much simpler and more flexible for a wide range of industries that do not have enough IT architects to keep up with the Big Data application demand,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing, Hortonworks. “They are empowering our customers to create Hadoop clusters in minutes, so they can run their jobs immediately and take advantage of the insights from the data.”


“We look forward to working with BlueData and providing enterprise-grade Hadoop-based solutions for our joint customers,” said Jon Posnik, vice president of business development, MapR Technologies. “Combining BlueData’s simplicity in deployment with the production-ready MapR Distribution brings unprecedented dependability, performance and real-time capabilities to Big Data applications.”

Systems Integration Partners

System integration partnerships allow BlueData’s EPIC platform to be seamlessly brought into their existing systems to act as a coordinated whole for Big Data exploration for enterprise customers.


“MetaScale provides services to companies who want to exploit Big Data applications quickly. Therefore our partnership with BlueData is a natural fit,” Ankur Gupta, GM of MetaScale. “BlueData’s Big Data infrastructure solution makes it possible for our customers to create clusters instantly, without sacrificing quality or speed.”


“Zaloni is committed to building Hadoop-based Big Data solutions that solve the most complex large-scale data analytic challenges and BlueData allows enterprises to self-provision a virtual Hadoop cluster in a matter of seconds, so it was a perfect fit for our customers,” Ben Sharma, CEO of Zaloni. “Additionally, BlueData’s EPIC platform along with Zaloni’s Bedrock Data Management platform will provide customers simplified ability to ingest data into Hadoop, manage it, organize it and quickly spin up clusters.”

Application Partners

BlueData partnerships with application providers help companies integrate data of all types by running a Hadoop private cloud.


“The fact is that just getting a Hadoop cluster spun up is quite difficult. BlueData’s DataTap™ technology looks to address this challenge head on by solving a real problem in the big data space,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager of data Integration, Informatica. “Informatica’s Big Data Edition helps organizations access, integrate, prepare and provision data on Hadoop up to five times faster than hand coding. We are looking forward to combining our ability to refine data on Hadoop with BlueData’s ability to spin up a cluster in record time and help Hadoop users get off to a safe and quick start on their big data journey.”


“Many companies think they are working with Big Data, but a recent Forrester report says most are only seeing a small fraction of it. Platfora Big Data Analytics is the only Hadoop-native, end-to-end platform that helps companies access all of their data, and within a timeframe and a cost that makes sense,” said Ben Werther, founder and CEO of Platfora. “By partnering with BlueData, we are providing clients the ability to spin up clusters faster, delivering even greater insight and value from their data.”


“As Hadoop has taken off as the platform for Big Data, demand has increased for self-service Hadoop data access in companies of all sizes. Trifacta’s predictive interaction technology and data transformation platform lowers the barrier for more users to achieve self-service data access on Hadoop,” said Joe Hellerstein, chief strategy officer, Trifacta. “With BlueData’s private cloud offerings, we’re pleased to further increase the speed with which organizations can start to see business value from their Hadoop initiatives.”

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About BlueData

BlueData is the pioneer in Big Data private cloud. The company is democratizing Big Data by streamlining and simplifying Big Data infrastructure and eliminating complexity as a barrier to adoption. With its EPIC software platform, enterprises can now build agile, secure and cost-effective Big Data deployments that deliver value in days instead of months and at a cost savings of 50%-75% compared to traditional approaches. With BlueData, enterprises of all sizes can create a public cloud-like experience from their on-premise environments and get the same value out of their Big Data as companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo at a fraction of the cost and with far fewer resources. Based in Mountain View, CA, BlueData is founded by a highly experienced team from VMware, Akamai, Intel and SGI and backed by industry luminaries from Silicon Valley. For more information, contact

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