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Announcing BlueData Integration with Cloudera Manager

With our recent winter release of the BlueData EPIC software platform, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added integration with Cloudera Manager.

We’ve been working with Cloudera as a partner for the past year, and our BlueData EPIC software is pre-integrated with CDH (Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop distribution) as well as other tools and applications in our partner ecosystem. Since then, we’ve worked with a number of customers that use CDH for their Hadoop deployment. Compatibility with the Cloudera Enterprise portfolio is a key requirement for these customers – in particular, integration with Cloudera Manager for systems administration.

If you’re not already familiar with Cloudera Manager, it’s a sophisticated management application for Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution and the enterprise data hub. Cloudera Manager automates the installation process, giving users a cluster-wide, real-time view of nodes and services running; provides a single, central console to enact configuration changes across your cluster; and incorporates a full range of reporting and diagnostic tools to help you optimize performance and utilization.

With this new integration, our customers can leverage the value of Cloudera Manager for end-to-end systems management and administration. Now, when our BlueData EPIC software provisions a virtual CDH cluster, Cloudera Manager is provisioned as well – so you can easily deploy, manage, monitor and perform diagnostics on your Hadoop cluster. Our customers can take advantage of the power of the Cloudera Manager GUI to monitor their cluster, troubleshoot issues, and administer their Hadoop deployment.

For example, a data scientist or analyst may want to use a new service (e.g. Solr for indexing/search or Sqoop2 for read/write to SQL stores) that wasn’t available with their initial CDH cluster. These services can now be installed along with other CDH components using Cloudera Manager. Or they may want to de-commission a virtual node that might be unresponsive, leveraging the monitoring capabilities of Cloudera Manager.

Here are some additional benefits of the BlueData integration with Cloudera Manager:


Our focus was on delivering simplicity, speed and efficiency for virtual cluster creation with CDH and Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager exposes a rich set of APIs for streamlined integration. By leveraging these APIs, BlueData allows our joint customers to quickly and easily install and configure CDH with Cloudera Manager. Now BlueData customers can run CDH and Cloudera Manager in a virtualized environment on their on-premises infrastructure, with comparable performance to that of bare-metal servers.


We’re excited to offer this new integration with Cloudera Manager, and we’ll continue to work closely with Cloudera to help our customers achieve better Hadoop experiences and leverage their enterprise data hub offering with BlueData. Together, we make Big Data infrastructure easy.

To learn more, watch this demo to see our Cloudera Manager integration in action: