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Knowledge is Power: Powerful Big Data Analytics with Platfora

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you may be familiar with the line: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  Well, if Jon Snow were alive in today’s world he wouldn’t have an excuse – there are many different Big Data analytics tools available to know more and gain the power that comes with that knowledge.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight how BlueData integrates with Platfora – one of our partners for Big Data analytics – to accelerate knowledge and eliminate the unknown.

Big Data Analytics for Hadoop and Spark

Until a few years ago, Big Data and analytics were not part of the same sentence. Traditional business intelligence and analytics tools were built to work on well structured, indexed and manageable size data with defined cubes and data marts. The structure of data was well understood and the dimensions were carefully reduced before it was exposed for analysis. This traditional approach required IT and engineering professionals to acquire, prepare and stage the data before data analysts could use them.

With the more recent emergence of Hadoop and other Big Data technologies, this paradigm of building data pipelines before analysis is constantly getting challenged. There is a huge need to expose data in its raw nature to prevent loss of valuable information. This requires intelligent analytic tools that can handle variety, volume and unlimited dimensions of data, and help produce meaningful insights in a small amount of time.

Our partner Platfora is a leader in enabling data analysts and data scientists to visualize various dimensions, identify trends, and expose patterns in large amounts of data without IT involvement. Their software helps extract meaning from the ever-increasing volumes and varieties of data, especially the data most organizations struggle to understand: the data they can’t see that’s just below the waterline.

Platfora lets you ask the questions that matter most to your business, such as examining new segments or looking for patterns of behavior. And because you don’t need IT or coding each time, you can iterate quickly.  With Platfora, the power to extract knowledge and meaning from your data doesn’t come at the expense of speed. No matter how big you need to scale, your insights arrive in time to make a difference – not weeks or months after the fact.

BlueData Integration with Platfora

So what’s the value of using the BlueData EPIC software platform with Platfora?  Well, BlueData makes it much easier to get up and running with your Hadoop and Spark infrastructure for Big Data on-premises; and you can provide your data scientists and analysts with faster access to the data along with their analytical tools of choice, like Platfora. With BlueData, you can deploy Big Data infrastructure and Platfora analytics within minutes – available on-demand from a highly configurable catalog of applications.

As a result, your end users can quickly spin up virtual Hadoop clusters together with their Platfora software and the data required to do their analysis. Platfora can be pre-configured with your preferred Hadoop distribution and access to specific data sources – all without requiring help from IT. Your data scientists and analysts have a seamless user experience, without needing to understand the details of the underlying infrastructure.  And your IT team is freed up to work on more value-added activities.

Check out this video showing how BlueData integrates with Platfora:

Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Access: Direct access, that is, to all the data and with no intermediate steps. In most Hadoop deployments, access is limited to data stored in a centralized HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).  With BlueData, your users can access data from multiple HDFS clusters as well as NFS, Gluster and other file systems.
  • Speed: This speed comes from BlueData’s ability to quickly provision and configure Platfora to work with necessary versions of Hadoop, and from Platfora’s ability to follow a streamlined process that avoids speed bumps – such as elaborate time-consuming data preparation and cleansing processes.
  • More Independence: With BlueData and Platfora, you can engage in ongoing, iterative analysis without having to continually turn to your IT team or the most knowledgeable data scientists for help.

Without these tools, a business analyst faces a hard slog getting access to even 10% of the available data. And even then, it can take weeks to crunch the data and deliver insights.

These limitations add to the pressure already felt by analysts to come up with answers to their own questions – or to the questions put to them by the executive team.  Meanwhile, companies are becoming more and more aware that finding answers in the data is critical to competitive advantage and overall success.

With Big Data analytics from Platfora, you can get those answers and gain the knowledge and power you need to drive that competitive differentiation.  And with Platfora + BlueData, you can increase your access to the data you need and accelerate the deployment of your on-premises infrastructure for Big Data analytics.

With the powerful combination of BlueData and Platfora, there’s no longer any excuse for “I don’t know” or “You know nothing”.  Together, we can help increase knowledge and business innovation through Big Data analytics.