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The Incredible Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

No, this blog isn’t about the not-so-jolly green giant. But it is about something very big: Big Data. Businesses and industries are being transformed by the incredible power and agility that Big Data can offer (without the anger management issues that Bruce Banner faced as the Hulk).

But delivering on the promise of Big Data requires more than just setting up a Hadoop cluster and loading your data into HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). The true value of Big Data and Hadoop is when:

  1. Hadoop users (e.g. data scientists) gain easy, on-demand access to the data
  2. The business intelligence and analytical tools they already use work seamlessly with Hadoop
  3. They can quickly deploy new clusters and experiment with Hadoop without impacting other users

Here at BlueData, we’re on a mission to deliver that ease-of-use, speed, and agility in a secure, multi-tenant environment on-premises – while enabling data scientists and analysts to use familiar tools and explore the capabilities of new Big Data services. And that’s where Hunk (not Hulk) comes into the picture.

Hunk: Splunk Analytics on Hadoop

Splunk is an industry-leading platform for gaining real-time operational intelligence from machine data generated by IT systems – providing the insights to drive operational performance and business results. Splunk provides this operational intelligence by analyzing streams of log files and other continuously generated data including application logs, web server logs, network traffic, database logs, equipment logs, sensor data and more. Hunk is Splunk for Hadoop: a full-featured platform for rapidly exploring, analyzing and visualizing data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

Unleash the Incredible Power of Big Data

BlueData is working in partnership with Splunk to streamline and accelerate the deployment and adoption of Hunk. The BlueData EPIC software platform now integrates Hunk with Hadoop clusters running on virtualized on-premises infrastructure.

Using Hunk with the BlueData EPIC platform, our joint customers can quickly provision virtual Hadoop clusters together with Hunk in a matter of minutes – providing their data scientists and analysts with the ability to rapidly detect patterns and find anomalies across petabytes of raw data in Hadoop.

With BlueData, these data scientists, engineers, and data analysts can have isolated and secure environments for doing their analysis in an iterative and agile manner, using the power of Splunk Analystics and Hadoop. They can make operational intelligence for Big Data widely accessible, usable and valuable across the enterprise.

The presentation below walks through the step-by-step process of using BlueData to provision and manage Hadoop and Hunk environments:

With BlueData, users can quickly and easily spin up Hunk and Hadoop virtual clusters through self-service. Hadoop applications run unmodified, and can transparently access data from HDFS as well as other shared file systems including NFS and Gluster. The data in external file systems stays in place and computation resources can be scaled independently.

This demo video shows how BlueData simplifies infrastructure deployment for Hunk and Hadoop:

The result? Together with BlueData, you can unleash the power of Splunk analytics and Hadoop for Big Data operational intelligence.

To learn more, read the solution brief here and click here to try out BlueData + Hunk (Splunk Analytics for Hadoop).