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Where the Puck is Going: Apache Spark and Big Data Analytics

Big Data analysis is having an impact on every industry.  This is no longer a tactic taken by a few visionary leaders to capitalize on new business insights.  It’s quickly moving into the mainstream.

The early adopters of Big Data gained a competition advantage.  Today, it’s table stakes: Big Data is now a competitive imperative.  If you aren’t leveraging this data — to help identify potential customers, improve customer satisfaction, or spot new product trends — you can be certain that your competition is.

But how do you stay ahead of your competition?  Where is the puck going?  Apache Hadoop is the most common Big Data framework, yet we are seeing the technology evolve at an astounding pace.  And the next big thing in Big Data is Apache Spark.

So what is Apache Spark and what real-world business problems will it help solve?  Join Big Data experts from Intel and BlueData in this on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at Apache Spark and learn:

  • Real-world use cases and applications for Big Data analytics with Apache Spark
  • How to leverage the power of Spark for iterative algorithms such as machine learning
  • Deployment strategies for Spark, leveraging your on-premises data center infrastructure

Register here to watch the webinar — and find out where the puck’s going.

About the speakers:

Parviz photo
Parviz Peiravi is a Principal Architect for Big Data and Enterprise Infrastructure solutions with Intel Corporation. He is responsible for designing and driving the development of Big Data, Service Oriented Architecture, and Cloud Computing architectures in support of Intel’s focus areas within Enterprise Computing. Parviz has been with Intel for more than 16 years; his current focus includes research in Big Data, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning.
Anant photo
Anant Chintamaneni has more than 14 years experience in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data. He is currently Vice President of Products at BlueData Software, where he leads product management and focuses on Big Data technologies including Hadoop and Spark. Prior to BlueData, Anant led product management for Pivotal’s Big Data Suite including Pivotal HD, HAWQ SQL-in-Hadoop, GemfireXD In Memory Processing and Machine Learning Runtimes.