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BlueData Integration with Apache Ambari for Hortonworks (HDP)

You may have seen that we recently announced our BlueData EPIC summer release. It’s a significant milestone with several benefits for Hadoop infrastructure teams as well as Big Data developers and data scientists. Integration with Apache Ambari is one of the key features in the new release, and I’ll provide some additional details in this blog post.

HWX_Badges_Cert_HDPAs a certified HDP and ‘YARN Ready’ Hortonworks partner solution, BlueData EPIC software is pre-integrated with images of recent versions of HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform – the Hortonworks distribution of Hadoop). Together, we help our customers to simplify their Big Data infrastructure and deliver a turnkey Hadoop-as-a-Service solution on-premises. These customers want comprehensive monitoring and Hadoop administration tools. For Hortonworks customers, Apache Ambari is their preferred tool for provisioning, monitoring and managing Hadoop clusters.

HWX_Badges_Cert_YARN-150x150I’ve personally tracked the Apache Ambari project for over two years now and it’s made significant strides since then. With new DevOps-friendly capabilities such as Blueprints, Stacks, Views, and associated RESTful APIs introduced in Ambari 1.5 and subsequent releases, Hortonworks and the broader Ambari community have created an open framework for the broader Big Data ecosystem to simplify Hadoop operations. As an example, the Big Data vendors in the new Open Data Platform initiative (ODP) have embraced Ambari as their de-facto Hadoop systems management tool.

BlueData Integration with Apache Ambari

Our mission at BlueData is to simplify Big Data infrastructure. The BlueData EPIC software platform uses virtualization technology to make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for enterprises of all sizes to deploy Hadoop or Spark infrastructure on-premises. Our software also enables the self-service consumption experience of Hadoop-as-a-Service, so that data scientists and developers can deploy Hadoop clusters on-demand – within minutes.

Ambari logoWith our new summer release, BlueData can quickly and easily provision management consoles such as Ambari for HDP (Hortonworks) clusters. Now our customers can benefit from the power of Ambari to monitor, troubleshoot issues and administer the Hadoop clusters deployed by their data scientists, developers, and data engineers.

Likewise, these data professionals now have the flexibility to add new services (e.g. Solr for indexing/search or Sqoop2 to read/write to SQL stores) that weren’t available with their initial HDP cluster. These services can now be added using the Ambari console. It’s the best of both worlds: agility for data professionals and visibility for Big Data administrators.

Here are some additional benefits:

BlueData Ambari Integration

Our focus for this integration was on enabling virtual cluster creation with simplicity, speed, and efficiency for HDP clusters and the Ambari console. By leveraging the rich set of APIs exposed by Ambari, BlueData allows joint customers of Hortonworks and BlueData to quickly and easily run HDP and Ambari in a virtualized environment on their on-premises infrastructure, with comparable performance to that of bare-metal servers.

For more of the technical details and screenshots, you can check out the brief slide presentation below on our Ambari integration:

We’re excited to offer this new integration with Apache Ambari. We’ll continue to collaborate with Hortonworks and the broader open source Hadoop community to help our customers achieve the best possible Hadoop experience with BlueData. Another example of how we’re helping customers streamline their Hadoop deployments is our partnership with Cloudera and our integration with Cloudera Manager. Together with our ecosystem partners, we make Big Data infrastructure easy.

Watch this video for an overview and demo of the BlueData integration with Ambari:

And if you’re at Hadoop Summit this week in San Jose, join my session today at 1:45pm (in the Grand Ballroom 220B) to learn more: “Self-Service Provisioning and Hadoop Management with Apache Ambari”.  I hope to see you there.

– By Anant Chintamaneni, VP of Products, BlueData