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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Meets Big-Data-as-a-Service

Two of the hottest technology topics today are “Big Data” and “Hyperconvergence”. The Big Data market currently generates ~$20B in spend and Wikibon projects that the market will reach nearly $50B by 2019. A survey of enterprises by Gartner found that more than 75 percent of enterprises are investing or planning to invest in Big Data in the next two years.

Wikibon Big Data Market Estimate

Meanwhile, IDC estimates that the hyperconverged infrastructure market grew in the fourth quarter of 2015 by a whopping 170.5% year over year, and expects it to approach $4 billion in sales by 2019. Hyperconverged infrastructure is by far the fastest growing segment of the larger integrated systems (aka converged systems market); Gartner figures that it will represent over 35% of total integrated systems market revenue by 2019.

Enterprises are becoming more and more data-driven and the adoption of Big Data technologies continues to accelerate. Meanwhile, hyperconverged systems – which combine compute, storage, and storage networking functions into a single highly virtualized solution – are quickly becoming the new building block for the modern data center. It’s time for these two technology trends to align.

BlueData Achieves “Nutanix Ready” Validation

Today BlueData announced that our BlueData EPIC software has been validated as “Nutanix Ready” and we have joined the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program. The Nutanix Ready status is awarded to recommended solutions that meet specific criteria for interoperability with Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure. All products featured as Nutanix Ready have completed verification testing, providing customers with joint product compatibility. So BlueData customers can now confidently deploy our software on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure; and Nutanix customers can now extend their deployments to Big Data workloads with BlueData.

Nutanix Ready

Nutanix is a visionary and leader in the integrated systems market, as highlighted in the Gartner Magic Quadrant below. Nutanix provides a software-centric infrastructure architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources; the solution is pre-configured and bundled with hardware from leading OEMs like Dell. Nutanix’s position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is impressive, in the midst of industry titans such as Cisco, EMC/VCE, HPE, and Oracle (as well as other up and comers like SimpliVity). We are honored to now count Nutanix as one of our partners.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Integrated Systems 2015

I’ve written in the past about how it’s time to bring the benefits of virtualization to Big Data infrastructure. Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure is uniquely positioned to help us deliver on that opportunity. Together, we leverage virtualization and container technology to make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for enterprises to deploy Big Data applications like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, and Splunk.

The combination of Nutanix and BlueData delivers cloud-like economics and agility for Big Data infrastructure – along with the security and reliability of on-premises solutions. It’s the best of both worlds, and together we provide a powerful on-premises platform for Big-Data-as-a-Service with several benefits for enterprises:

  • Eliminate the complexities associated with Big Data infrastructure – simplifying and accelerating the deployment of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, and other Big Data technologies.
  • Spin up new clusters in minutes, not months – with self-service automated provisioning of Big Data infrastructure and applications in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Provide a DevOps model and cloud-like agility for Big Data workloads – speeding the time-to-insights and time-to-value for Big Data analytics.
  • Deliver scale-out performance comparable to bare-metal Big Data deployments – leveraging virtualized infrastructure and Docker containers.
  • Boost hardware utilization and reduce infrastructure sprawl – shrinking the hardware footprint for Big Data deployments by up to 4x and reducing capital expenditures by up to 75 percent.
  • Reduce the dependency (and operational expenditures) on highly-skilled Big Data infrastructure specialists that are difficult to hire, train, and retain.

In short, the “easy button” for Big Data infrastructure deployments just got even easier. This is a big milestone for BlueData, Nutanix, and our mutual customers – and we’re proud to be validated as a “Nutanix Ready” solution for Big Data.

BlueData+ Nutanix