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Hadoop Is Growing Up

This is a guest blog courtesy of Keith Manthey, CTO of Analytics at Dell EMC. The content originally appeared on the Dell EMC blog site here. As a part of my regular duties, my job is to pay attention to macro-level movements of various industries and technology sectors. One of those sectors that is facing […] Read More

Beyond Hadoop-as-a-Service: The Opportunity for Big-Data-as-a-Service

This is a guest blog courtesy of Raghunath Nambiar, distinguished engineer and chief architect of big data and analytics solution engineering at Cisco.  This post originally appeared on the Cisco blog site here. I’ve written in the past about the opportunity for Hadoop-as-a-Service (HaaS) – providing self-service provisioning, elastic scaling, and support for multi-tenancy. But in my […] Read More

Break the Cycle of Deploying Unwieldy Hadoop Infrastructure

This is a guest blog courtesy of Chris Harrold, CTO of Big Data Solutions at EMC.  The content originally appeared on the EMC blog site here. We are in a new data-driven age. With the rise in adoption of big data analytics as a decision-making tool comes the need to accelerate time-to-insights and deliver faster innovation informed by […] Read More

Extending Agile and DevOps to Big Data

Today’s software developers like to fail fast. They don’t have the luxury of spending months developing and testing a new application only to find out it does not or no longer will meet the needs of the business. That’s something they need to find out ASAP, and it requires agility. The data scientists, data analysts, […] Read More

Data Lakes: Keep Your Big Data Projects Out of the Swamp

Businesses are spending millions of dollars on Big Data-related initiatives (up to $41.5 billion by 2018 according to IDC), but their return on investment is no sure thing. What’s holding back the ROI? The IT infrastructure used today in most organizations was not designed specifically to handle Big Data workloads, the systems requirements of tools in […] Read More

Get out the Vote for Hadoop Summit

The 8th Annual Hadoop Summit San Jose in June is shaping up to be an awesome educational event. Here at BlueData, we’re excited about the agenda topics on Hadoop governance, security, operations, applications, and more. We also think it’s pretty cool that the Hadoop community has the opportunity to help choose the content by voting for […] Read More

2015 Predictions – Apache Spark

2014 was considered the year of Spark, but will it gain momentum in 2015? Listen to BlueData CEO Kumar Sreekanti and Vice President of Products Anant Chintamaneni as they discuss this new paradigm in the distributed MapReduce space, and why they believe Spark (and related technologies like Tachyon) will be key to the future of […] Read More

2015 Predictions- Big Data Industry

Currently, there are massive amounts of data being generated and enterprises are trying to figure out how to make this data valuable to their company. Listen to BlueData co-founders Kumar Sreekanti and Tom Phelan discuss if this will be possible in 2015 and what else could be possible for the Big Data industry.

Partner Ecosystem

Listen to BlueData CEO Kumar Sreekanti and Vice President of Products Anant Chintamaneni as they discuss the company’s comprehensive partner ecosystem that includes Hadoop and multiple other Big Data applications, for a vendor agnostic approach. BlueData’s growing ecosystem furthers the company’s mission to democratize Big Data, making it easy and cost-effective for enterprises of all […] Read More

Simplifying the Complexity of Big Data

Listen to co-founders Kumar Sreekanti and Tom Phelan discuss the overwhelming complexity of Big Data – from purchasing the right hardware and software, installing it and the 100 different ways to configuring it – and how enterprises like banks, pharmaceuticals and media companies can overcome this complexity.