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Apache Spark Infrastructure Made Easy

If you’re following the Big Data space, you’ve most likely heard at least something about Apache Spark. Originally developed in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley by Ion Stoica and Matei Zaharia, Spark is an open-source in-memory cluster computing engine for large-scale data processing. By keeping data in memory, Spark allows users to quickly perform repeated […] Read More

Looking Back at Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose

It’s been a couple weeks since the Strata + Hadoop World conference held in San Jose, and I finally found a few moments to share my takeaways.  With 1000’s in attendance, nearly 200 sessions, and 100’s of Big Data vendors on the show floor, it was truly an exciting and informative event.  I was pleasantly […] Read More

2015 Predictions – Apache Spark

2014 was considered the year of Spark, but will it gain momentum in 2015? Listen to BlueData CEO Kumar Sreekanti and Vice President of Products Anant Chintamaneni as they discuss this new paradigm in the distributed MapReduce space, and why they believe Spark (and related technologies like Tachyon) will be key to the future of […] Read More

BlueData IOBoost & Tachyon

One of  the valuable features of the  BlueData EPIC platform is IOBoost. IOBoost is an EPIC software component that improves the I/O performance to physical storage devices in order to maximize the performance of the Hadoop jobs running in its virtual clusters.  The key design goals of IOBoost were one: to provide the storage performance boost without […] Read More

2015 Predictions- Big Data Industry

Currently, there are massive amounts of data being generated and enterprises are trying to figure out how to make this data valuable to their company. Listen to BlueData co-founders Kumar Sreekanti and Tom Phelan discuss if this will be possible in 2015 and what else could be possible for the Big Data industry.

BlueData Has Arrived!

Today we emerged from stealth mode to launch BlueData’s EPIC software platform. With our software innovations to simplify the complexity of Big Data infrastructure, organizations of all sizes can now tap into the potential of Big Data. It’s a great day for me, my co-founder and good friend Tom Phelan, our investors and, most important of all, the […] Read More