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Analytics and Machine Learning with SAS Viya on Docker Containers

As the industry leader in business analytics software, SAS brings a formidable toolset to address a wide range of use cases (including churn prediction, customer segmentation, market basket analysis, and more) – enabling enterprises to extract business value from large volumes of data. IDC research shows SAS with more than 30 percent of the market […] Read More

BlueData Helps Nasdaq Drive Business Innovation with Big Data

Here at BlueData, our customers include leading enterprise organizations across many different industries and geographies. One of those industries is financial services, and some of the world’s largest banks are BlueData customers. But perhaps one of our most emblematic customers in the financial services industry is Nasdaq. Nasdaq created the world’s first electronic stock market, […] Read More

Large-Scale Data Science Operations

Here at BlueData, I get the opportunity to meet with many data science teams working on very interesting projects in different industries across our customer base. These are definitely exciting times to be working in the field of data science, machine learning, and analytics. The primary goal of a data science team is to understand […] Read More

App Workbench – Managing the Menagerie of Big Data Apps

One of the most challenging aspects of Big Data deployments is keeping up with the dynamic nature of Big Data frameworks, distributions, applications, and their latest versions. The success or failure of a Big Data implementation may hinge on how well the organization handles support for the menagerie of applications and tools that data scientists, […] Read More

Real-Time Data Pipelines with Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra (on Docker)

In my experience as a Big Data architect and data scientist, I’ve worked with several different companies to build their data platforms. Over the past year, I’ve seen a significant increase in focus on real-time data and real-time insights. It’s clear that real-time analytics provide the opportunity to make faster (and better) decisions and gain […] Read More

Hadoop: It’s All About the Apps

We’re starting a new year and so as technology professionals it’s time to take stock of our existing skill sets and prepare for the future by identifying those new skills that are likely to be most valuable. A recent ComputerWorld survey highlighted the “10 hottest tech skills for 2016” and Big Data came in at […] Read More

Get Started with a Dev/Test Lab for Hadoop and Spark

The unprecedented explosion of available information today is creating new opportunities for enterprises to leverage data.  As just one example, enterprises can use this data to serve customers better, faster, and more cost-effectively. Data science teams and analysts can now provide greater insights into customer behavior and preferences.  These insights can help develop more targeted marketing offers, or attract […] Read More

Faster Time-to-Insights for Hadoop with AtScale and BlueData

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran Business Intelligence (BI) tools are used to derive valuable information using historical and current data. These BI tools enable visualization of data that can help drive important decisions in a timely manner, so they are essential for business analysts […] Read More

Self-Service Hadoop and Big Data Analytics

Back in the day, I remember my father bringing me to Horn & Hardart’s: the iconic, innovative, self-service cafeteria (aka automat) in New York City’s Times Square. You could pop in a couple of coins and pull out your own hot dish from behind a window. It was a technical marvel at the time. Fast-forward […] Read More

Running Multi-Node Hadoop and Spark Clusters with Docker

“To acquire knowledge should not be our first aim, but rather to rid ourselves of ignorance – which is false-knowledge.”  – Wei Wu Wei What better way to rid ourselves of Big Data ignorance than to try things on our own. Thanks to the explosion of data that is being generated from everywhere, data professionals […] Read More