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Don’t Give Cynics a Break (in Performance)

Kishore Ramaswami, BlueData Engineering What does a cluster administrator who runs the “top” utility on a Linux server have in common with a person who clears plates at a restaurant? They both are in a good position to notice lots of wastage. And while waste at a restaurant may be mitigated by a doggie bag […] Read More

Crystal Ball’s Eye View of Big Data

Kumar Sreekanti, Co-Founder & CEO, BlueData Inc. Tom Phelan, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, BlueData Inc. In 2003, Google published the seminal paper on the Google File System and followed it up in 2004 with the MapReduce paper outlining a system designed to do data processing on a vast scale. Fast forward ten years and what […] Read More

Formulating The BlueData Team

Co-founders Kumar Sreekanti and Tom Phelan reveal how they built BlueData’s stellar engineering team and gained support from leading Silicon Valley executives, which led to the formation of their advisory board. From early on, BlueData supporters realized the company’s vision and immediately wanted to join the team that is helping enterprises get the highest value […] Read More

The Genesis of BlueData

BlueData Co-founders Kumar Sreekanti and Tom Phelan discuss the exciting opportunity to help companies optimize their Big Data investments by creating an infrastructure that significantly enhances Big Data productivity.

Openstack: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Yashesh Mankad & Tom Phelan In the rat race to grab the lead in supporting private clouds, major IT players have announced various solutions that try to make cloud deployment simpler and easier to manage. This activity reached a fever pitch at the recent Openstack Summit in Atlanta. Until now, enterprises that wanted or needed […] Read More

One-size does not fit all Big Data applications : Containers vs. Virtual Machines

Tom Phelan , Co-Founder & Chief Architect , BlueData Inc. One-size fits all is not always true with Big Data applications running in virtualized environments. The two most common form of virtualization today are “containers”, aka operating system virtualization and “virtual machines”, aka hypervisor-based virtualization.  While the myriad differences between “containers” and “virtual machines” are beyond […] Read More

Test Drive of Savanna Elastic Data Processing on OpenStack Havana

Tom Phelan , Co-Founder & Chief Architect , BlueData Inc. Kishore Ramaswami, BlueData Engineering Devarajan Appasamy works in his company’s IT department. His co-workers call him “Dev Ops”. His boss trusts him, and recently even assigned him to big data, seen as a burgeoning project in the company. Dev Ops’ boss is Norm Inhouse. Norm […] Read More

Hadoop Virtualization: The Next Big “V” of Big Data

If you’re familiar with Big Data, you’ve likely heard about the 4 V’s: Volume, Variety, Veracity and Velocity. The next big trend to disrupt Big Data and Hadoop deployments is yet another “V”: Virtualization. For more than a decade, traditional application workloads have taken advantage of the numerous benefits of virtualization such as elasticity, scalability, agility, ease […] Read More

Hadoop’s Readiness For the Enterprise – Resource Sharing between Tenants

Hadoop Elephant

By Tom Phelan , Co-Founder & Chief Architect , BlueData Inc. To date, one of the faults that Enterprise users found with Hadoop was the lack of a system for efficient sharing of cluster resources when multiple users ran jobs simultaneously. With the introduction of Hadoop YARN, Yet Another Resource Negotiator, some of this criticism […] Read More