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Hadoop Is Growing Up

This is a guest blog courtesy of Keith Manthey, CTO of Analytics at Dell EMC. The content originally appeared on the Dell EMC blog site here. As a part of my regular duties, my job is to pay attention to macro-level movements of various industries and technology sectors. One of those sectors that is facing […] Read More

BlueData Helps Nasdaq Drive Business Innovation with Big Data

Here at BlueData, our customers include leading enterprise organizations across many different industries and geographies. One of those industries is financial services, and some of the world’s largest banks are BlueData customers. But perhaps one of our most emblematic customers in the financial services industry is Nasdaq. Nasdaq created the world’s first electronic stock market, […] Read More

HDFS Upgrades Are Painful. But They Don’t Have to Be.

It’s hard enough to gather all the data that an enterprise needs for a Hadoop deployment; it shouldn’t be hard to manage it as well. But if you follow the traditional Hadoop “best practices”, it is. In particular, upgrades to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) are excruciatingly painful. By way of background, each version […] Read More

QoS for Hadoop Using Docker Containers

There is a lot of focus and attention on Big Data analytics today – and as I wrote in a recent blog post, it’s all about the applications.  But there are (of course) many infrastructure considerations to make the analytics and applications work seamlessly for your data scientists, analysts, and other users. One vital issue […] Read More

Hadoop: It’s All About the Apps

We’re starting a new year and so as technology professionals it’s time to take stock of our existing skill sets and prepare for the future by identifying those new skills that are likely to be most valuable. A recent ComputerWorld survey highlighted the “10 hottest tech skills for 2016” and Big Data came in at […] Read More

Break the Cycle of Deploying Unwieldy Hadoop Infrastructure

This is a guest blog courtesy of Chris Harrold, CTO of Big Data Solutions at EMC.  The content originally appeared on the EMC blog site here. We are in a new data-driven age. With the rise in adoption of big data analytics as a decision-making tool comes the need to accelerate time-to-insights and deliver faster innovation informed by […] Read More

Hadoop Virtualization: It’s About Time (and Value)

“Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past.” – Machiavelli While there have been many amazing technologies that have impacted the data center, history books will certainly keep a warm spot open for “Virtualization”.  Virtualization is certainly not a new idea (indeed, it dates all the way back to the 1960s) but it […] Read More

Faster Time-to-Insights for Hadoop with AtScale and BlueData

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” – Daniel Keys Moran Business Intelligence (BI) tools are used to derive valuable information using historical and current data. These BI tools enable visualization of data that can help drive important decisions in a timely manner, so they are essential for business analysts […] Read More

How to Implement a Secure, Multi-Tenant Hadoop Architecture

The content in this article originally appeared in TechSpective. Hadoop is an open source framework for storing and processing Big Data on large clusters of commodity hardware for massive data storage and faster processing. This would seem to make it a natural hub for all of an enterprise’s data. In this scenario, Hadoop could serve […] Read More