Enterprises and organizations across a variety of industries use BlueData’s EPIC™ software platform to accelerate their AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics deployments, providing an “as-a-service” experience with on-demand and elastic environments running on containers. Some example customers and industries are highlighted below.

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Case Study in Big Data Analytics and Data Science

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Representative Industries

A leading Fortune 500 financial institution needed to analyze vast volumes of structured and unstructured data related to financial transactions – while ensuring secure and isolated tenant groups across different lines of business. Using BlueData‘s multi-tenant architecture and compute/storage separation, multiple teams across different business groups can spin up instant compute clusters with secure access to shared data from their enterprise storage systems and their Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) data lake. This saves time and eliminates complexity, while retaining their data in storage systems with enterprise-grade security and data governance.

A Global 2000 pharmaceutical company needed to accelerate time-to-innovation and unlock terabytes of data for drug research and clinical trials data analysis. With BlueData, their data science teams can quickly deploy machine learning environments using their existing on-premises data center infrastructure – including sensitive data in their shared enterprise storage systems – for both dev/test and production environments. And to support their cloud strategy, they have a unified platform to enable a hybrid model: with some workloads on-premises and some in the public cloud.

A large government organization needed an infrastructure platform that would enable their R&D teams to quickly spin up Hadoop clusters – using their preferred Hadoop distribution – to develop and test algorithms for predictive threat analysis. The BlueData platform provides the ability to rapidly provision containerized clusters for Hadoop and deploy any application for Big Data analytics, data science, and machine learning in minutes – all within a secure, isolated, multi-tenant environment for different agency users.

A Fortune 500 retail company was looking for a Big Data infrastructure platform to enable instant access to distributed data science and machine learning environments for teams in multiple business groups across the enterprise. With BlueData, they can reduce the complexity of their deployment, provision containerized clusters on-demand for their data science teams, leverage enterprise-grade security and multi-tenancy for different teams, and enable significant cost savings versus a traditional bare-metal deployment.

A global telecommunications company uses BlueData to simplify and speed the deployment of Big Data analytics tools and machine learning technologies for its data scientists and engineers. BlueData provides a multi-tenant, self-service environment where they can spin up their own Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka clusters on-demand – including the applications and data science notebooks of their choice – while ensuring the security and governance required by their IT operations and data center teams.

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