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The BlueData EPIC™ (Elastic Private Instant Clusters) software platform solves the infrastructure challenges and limitations that can slow down and stall Big Data deployments. With EPIC software, you can spin up Hadoop and Spark clusters – with the data and analytical tools that your data scientists need – in minutes rather than months.

Leveraging the power of containers, BlueData EPIC makes it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to deploy Big Data infrastructure and applications—including Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, and more— whether on-premises or in the public cloud. Your data scientists and analysts can use the tools they prefer. You can run it with any shared storage environment, so you don’t have to move your data. And it delivers the enterprise-grade security and governance that your IT teams require.

With the BlueData EPIC software platform, you can provide a highly flexible and secure Big-Data-as-a-Service environment to enable faster time-to-insights and faster time-to-value – now available either on-premises or on AWS.

Features and Benefits

Deploy in Minutes: Big Data Clusters in Minutes, not Months

The BlueData EPIC software platform eliminates the complexity of Big Data deployments, giving your data science and analyst teams the ability to create instant Hadoop and Spark clusters running on Docker containers.


With BlueData software, users can spin up virtual Hadoop or Spark clusters within minutes – providing on-demand access to the applications, data and infrastructure they need .


Instant cluster provisioning

In a world where demands for data are increasingly dynamic across diverse business units, the EPIC platform provides your organization with an agile and on-demand consumption model for Big Data infrastructure and applications. Users across the organization can now quickly and easily create Big Data clusters. EPIC ensures flexibility and choice for users while enabling you to easily manage resources.


Use your Big Data tools of choice

EPIC offers the top-hits library of Big Data tools and applications to address a wide variety of use cases including MapReduce centric batch processing, interactive SQL, and stream processing. For example, with EPIC, you can create standalone Apache Spark clusters independent of a Hadoop distribution. You can also quickly create multiple clusters using different Hadoop distributions as well as different versions of the same distribution on common infrastructure.


Self-service job creation

Instead of waiting weeks or months, users throughout your organization can process Big Data jobs as needed. That means your data scientists and analysts can now quickly respond to dynamic business requirements by running a variety of jobs ranging from analytical SQL to Spark machine-learning scripts against their data in a matter of a few clicks. A high level of elasticity allows the BlueData EPIC platform to dynamically adapt to changing workload requirements in the most cost-efficient manner.

“BlueData is a game changer for those struggling to simplify the provisioning and management of Big Data.”


Reduce Complexity: Optimize Performance

EPIC unifies Big Data compute, storage, and management into a single, easy-to-use, multi-tenant platform that provides IT with control over the use of resources for different tenants and application-sensitive caching to maximize performance.

BlueData EPIC provides a secure, multi-tenant environment for Big Data deployments. IT can ensure logical isolation for each tenant, with the benefits of shared resources.



Multi-tenancy is a key capability of the BlueData EPIC platform. It means your disparate stakeholders (e.g., marketing, R&D, sales, finance) no longer have to wait in a queue to gain access to Big Data clusters. They can now run Big Data jobs simultaneously. And with EPIC, your IT teams can use policy-based automation and management to control the reservation of resources for different tenants.



BlueData’s patent-pending DataTap™ technology addresses critical challenges to the adoption of Big Data in enterprises. With DataTap, you can access and run Big Data jobs directly against existing enterprise-class storage systems. Because EPIC separates compute and storage, you don’t need to move data before running analytics. This means that sensitive data stays put in your secure storage system 24×7 with enterprise-grade data governance.



The BlueData patent-pending IOBoost™ technology enables extreme performance in a virtualized environment that is comparable to or better than bare-metal infrastructure. Working in conjunction with DataTap, IOBoost provides application aware-caching and tiering to accelerate performance for Big Data jobs.

Reduce Costs, Get More Value

With BlueData, you can save up to 75 percent on the infrastructure and operational costs for your Big Data deployment. The EPIC platform provides cost savings controls, eliminates uncontrolled cluster sprawl and data duplication, and provides unparalleled flexibility to mix and match infrastructure (whether on-premises or in the cloud) for your Big Data needs.

Improve Big Data infrastructure utilization with Docker container nodes; the top screen shows dashboard views where IT can track usage, load, and performance. Tap into local HDFS or shared storage (e.g. remote HDFS, NFS) for Big Data analytics, as seen in the bottom screen showing multiple DataTaps.


Compute and storage separation

EPIC disconnects analytical processing from data storage, giving you the ability to independently scale compute and storage instantly on an as-needed basis. This enables more effective utilization of compute resources, more flexibility on server/storage configurations and, as a result, lower data center operating costs.


Eliminate data duplication

By using DataTap to analyze data in enterprise distributed storage, your organization can significantly reduce cost by eliminating the 3X data duplication in bare-metal Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) environments. You can also reduce the time-consuming manual data movement efforts between these systems.


Any compute, any storage

EPIC supports any physical server or virtual machine for on-premises deployments – and now supports Amazon EC2 for public cloud deployments – allowing you to select the right infrastructure for your needs. Just as important, you can access data from any shared storage system (including HDFS as well as NFS) or Amazon S3.


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