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The BlueData EPIC™ software platform makes it easier to deploy Big Data applications and infrastructure – whether on-premises or in the public cloud  – through a self-service, on-demand model.

The EPIC software platform includes an “App Store” for common Big Data frameworks, applications, and tools. Open source distributions for Hadoop, Spark, and other frameworks – as well as representative analytical applications for Big Data – are provided as pre-configured Docker images in the App Store and available via one-click deployment.


The BlueData EPIC software platform includes an “App Store” with pre-configured Docker images for common Big Data frameworks, applications, and tools.

We also support a “bring your own app” model that allows our customers to create their own Docker images using BlueData templates, in order to add their preferred Big Data applications and data processing frameworks to the App Store.  Your organization will have its own App Store, populated with the applications and tools that your users need – with the ability to add to and update your App Store with the latest versions of those products – providing the ultimate in flexibility and configurability.

And once these images have been added and installed in your App Store, your data scientists and data analyst teams can easily spin up multi-node clusters for any of these applications within minutes – using BlueData’s self-service interface.

One-Click Deployment

Several Big Data distributions and applications come pre-configured in BlueData’s App Store and can be installed via one-click deployment – to accelerate time to business value with Big Data analytics. These sample Docker images provide a particular version and starting configuration for popular distributions and applications.  With our App Workbench, you can populate your App Store with images for other versions and additional Big Data applications.

“With BlueData’s software it only takes a few mouse clicks. It’s simple and seamless, saving us both time and money.”

The App Store contains three classes of images:


Hadoop, Spark,
Big Data distributions

The App Store includes multiple recent versions of unmodified distributions. BlueData EPIC includes pre-configured, ready to run images for Spark standalone as well Hadoop distributions for Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks HDP, and MapR CDP.

The Cassandra NoSQL database from Datastax and the Kafka messaging system from Confluent are also available as pre-configured images in the App Store.

business intelligence

Business intelligence,
ETL, analytical tools

Sample applications from AtScale, Datameer, Splunk, and others – as well as JupyterHub, RStudio, and Zeppelin notebooks – have been validated and pre-configured for deployment on BlueData EPIC. These images are made available in the App Store as examples.

Other Big Data applications (e.g. Arcadia Data, H2O, IBM BigInsights, Informatica, Pentaho, Trifacta, Talend, Zoomdata) have also been tested for compatibility with BlueData EPIC.


Your own distributions,
versions, and apps

To accommodate the rapidly evolving Big Data ecosystem, BlueData provides an App Workbench that allows our customers to create, configure, and add images for other distributions and applications (and other versions) to their own App Store.

Once these customer-specific images are installed in your App Store, your data scientists and analysts can create new clusters for these distributions and applications via self-service.

App Workbench

Every organization’s Big Data deployment is likely to have it’s own unique use cases and requirements as well as it’s own preferred frameworks, applications, and tools.  Both open-source and commercial Big Data applications are continually evolving, with a constant stream of updates, upgrades, new versions, and new products.

To accommodate these needs, BlueData allows customers to modify and/or augment their App Store to meets the specific (and highly dynamic) requirements of their data scientists and data analyst teams. The BlueData EPIC platform provides App Workbench functionality that enables this “bring your own app” model.  We also provide training and consulting services to assist customers with creating their own Docker images and becoming self-sufficient as they expand and update their own App Store.

With the App Workbench, administrators for BlueData EPIC can leverage existing starter images and templates in the App Store to create new variations and versions (e.g. using a Spark 2.0 image to create a new Spark 2.1 image).  They can also create new images for their preferred Big Data analytics and business intelligence applications (provided that the applications run on Linux RHEL/CentOS infrastructure). They can take advantage of the latest innovations in the Big Data ecosystem – and meet the unique application requirements for their organization’s data science use cases – without necessarily waiting on the BlueData EPIC release cycle or relying on BlueData’s services teams.

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BlueData’s mission is to accelerate the adoption and value of Big Data in the enterprise.  And today, it’s no longer just about how to spin up a Hadoop or Spark cluster.  It’s all about the apps. Data scientists and data analyst teams want on-demand access to the latest frameworks, applications, and tools for their specific use cases. The underlying Big Data infrastructure should be created transparently and deployed behind-the-scenes; and the applications they need should be available with just a few mouse clicks, to support their data pipelines and analytics.

With these objectives in mind, the BlueData EPIC software platform enables a fundamentally new approach for Big Data deployments: delivering game-changing simplicity, agility, flexibility, and cost savings.