With the BlueData EPIC™ software platform, we’ve introduced patented innovations that fundamentally change today’s assumptions about the infrastructure for Big Data analytics and machine learning.

Provide self-service in a secure multi-tenant architecture either on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid model. Spin up new environments on Docker containers, within minutes. Easily access your data whether it resides in existing shared storage, in a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), or in cloud storage. Run analytics and machine learning in a containerized environment – and decouple compute from storage – without sacrificing performance.

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EPIC makes it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to deploy Big Data analytics and machine learning with technology innovations including:



  • Enables self-service with on-demand provisioning and automation
  • Delivers a flexible and secure multi-tenant architecture using Docker containers
  • Offers a sophisticated policy engine for resource quotas and service-level agreement (SLA) management



  • Provides hierarchical application-aware data caching and tiering
  • Offers single copy data transfer from physical storage to virtual clusters
  • Delivers extreme performance in a containerized environment, comparable to bare-metal deployments



  • Provides HDFS abstraction to run distributed computing frameworks unmodified
  • Tap into data in on-premise storage (including HDFS as well as NFS) or cloud storage
  • Delivers faster time-to-results, faster time-to-value for Big Data and AI initiatives

“BlueData’s integration with Docker provides an enterprise-grade solution for running Hadoop and Spark on containers.”