We offer multiple deployment options for the BlueData EPIC™ software platform:

  • On-premises — running in your own data center, on any infrastructure.
  • Public — on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

You can also deploy EPIC in a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture. We offer a free trial on AWS; you can apply to evaluate BlueData EPIC on-premises here, or on Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure here.

Public Cloud



FREE TRIAL Request Evaluation


Based on the number of cloud instances

No limit on the number of users, type of instance, or size of data

Based on the number of physical cores

No limit on the number of users or size of data


Subscription Subscription


Requires public account (for AWS, Azure, or GCP) CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 or 7.4 (physical server or virtual machine)

Example Tools

CDH (with Cloudera Manager)
HDP (with Apache Ambari)
MapR (with MapR Control System)
Apache Spark
Apache Kafka
Jupyter, RStudio, Zeppelin notebooks
Multiple versions available
Other pre-configured Big Data and AI tools available
Includes support for “bring your own app
[Note: The same Docker application images are available for both public cloud and on-premises deployments]

Data Access

Cloud storage
Remote HDFS
Remote NFS
Local HDFS (pre-installed)
Remote HDFS
Remote NFS


Includes standard support
Premium support available
Includes standard support
Premium support available

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