While many organizations have started Big Data projects, many have not moved beyond pilot projects because of the time, complexity, and cost involved.

BlueData™ is democratizing Big Data by making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for organizations of all sizes to deploy Hadoop and Spark infrastructure on-premises (or in the public cloud). With the BlueData EPIC™ software platform, you can:

  • Spin up Hadoop or Spark clusters within minutes, whether for test or production environments
  • Deliver the agility and efficiency benefits of virtualization, with the performance of bare-metal
  • Work with any Big Data analytical application, any Hadoop or Spark distribution, and any infrastructure
  • Provide the enterprise-grade governance and security required, in a multi-tenant environment

Ultimately, we offer solutions to many of the Big Data deployment challenges faced by organizations today. Whether you’re in IT or application development, a data scientist or a business user of analytical applications, the BlueData EPIC platform provides a simpler, faster, more scalable, and more cost-effective solution for your Big Data infrastructure.

“BlueData is helping to make Hadoop enterprise-ready with a simple and flexible deployment alternative.”


Solutions for Big Data Users

IT and Developers / DevOps Teams

BlueData provides a simple and easy way to provide self-service provisioning, policy-based automation, and push-button upgrades for your Big Data infrastructure and applications. By using the BlueData EPIC software platform, you can eliminate costly cluster sprawl across your enterprise and reduce data duplication issues by allowing multiple clusters to share access to the same data storage. With BlueData, your company can realize up to 75 percent in cost savings compared to bare-metal deployments, while increasing server utilization by up to 350 percent.

If you’re like most enterprises, you have multiple business users increasingly demanding instant access to Hadoop and Spark clusters. However, data isolation between these tenants can be a major challenge. With BlueData’s ElasticPlane™ technology, we provide a truly multi-tenant and secure enterprise-grade Big Data environment on-premises — including an easy-to-use, self-service interface to meet your needs and the needs of data scientists, developers, and other users across your organization. We also offer integration with LDAP and Active Directory, so your Big Data applications can be run at the same security levels as traditional applications.

Because BlueData’s DataTap™ technology can separate compute and storage infrastructure, you no longer have to make multiple copies of data for Big Data analysis. Sensitive data can remain within shared enterprise storage such as NFS, GlusterFS, CEPH, Swift or HDFS, without the cost and risks of creating and maintaining multiple copies. This unique capability allows you to leverage the robust security models offered by traditional storage boxes and unlock the data stored away in these systems for Big Data analysis.

You can define user groups and assign policies to restrict access to jobs, data, or clusters based on departments or roles. The BlueData policy engine lays the foundation for defining service levels based on priority and automates resource management based on tenant and application needs. For example, a lower-priority job that is clogging resources could be paused so that a higher priority job can complete.

Data Scientists and Line of Business Users

Use BlueData to deploy and test Big Data applications in minutes with on-demand, self-service provisioning. You can instantly spin up your own virtual Hadoop or Spark clusters in the BlueData self-service user portal, reducing the IT overhead and wait time associated with provisioning a new cluster running on a dedicated bare-metal server.

Create virtual clusters running multiple versions of a Hadoop distribution or different Hadoop distributions on the same physical cluster. You can then evaluate your options on an apples-to-apples basis, reducing the need for — and cost of — bare-metal resources. Instead of waiting weeks or months for your turn, you can process Big Data jobs as needed, including separate clusters for development and production purposes.

We apply BlueData’s IOBoost™, patented I/O optimization technologies, to deliver near bare-metal performance while leveraging the benefits of virtualization and Docker container technology. Application-aware caching and elastic resource management adapt dynamically to changing workload and application requirements to ensure the best possible I/O performance — together with the agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency advantages of containers and virtualization.